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This is my first attempt at creating an on-line store, and I'm using a simple technology - PayPal -
to handle the orders. When I can understand a more sophisticated technology, I will use it.
But until then, here's how it works...
When you click on the

button, the item you have selected will go into your cart. If you want more than one of a selected item, you can

A. Click the button again for each one you want
B. In the cart page, change the Quantity to how many you want to order, then click the "Update Cart" button.

Minimum order is $25.

If you wish to make an order of less than $25, please email me.

For more information, please
Send Email To

You must use PayPal to order from us on line.
If you would prefer to pay with a credit card, money order or cashier's check, just email me to make arrangements.

At this time I can only accept orders to be delivered in the United States.

Thank you!

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